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All 5 Areas of Compliance — One Simple Solution

Coming Soon! Launching this year, SIMBUS will come with a full Risk Assessment and Gap Analysis. Get detailed and accurate risk reports with findings and recommendations.

SIMBUS comes with a library of privacy and training courses.  Users can take courses, conduct tests and get certified. Results are sent to the admin for review.

SIMBUS Tracker is our Vendor management platform. Consolidate all your Vendor information in one simple-to-use platform. Push assessments , documents, and tasks.

Centralized privacy and security management in one solution. SIMBUS360 provides users with over 25 tools designed to manage all areas of compliance.

SIMBUS360 comes with a full set of policies and procedures that can be customized to your facility.  Edit each policy and procedure and save and attest to build a history.

SIMBUS360 is available in a few industries.  Click the appropriate button below to be directed to the specific product page.

The Complete Privacy and Security Management Tool

Manage all 7 areas of compliance in one solution.

Protecting your clients is critical to your business.

Maintaining compliance will help avoid costly breaches.

Continuous training keeps employees up to date.

Give us a try. It’s guaranteed for 30 days.

Security and Privacy Management in One Convenient Location

  • Custom Dashboard built to work on all devices
  • Add employees, Vendors and send agreements
  • Manage training, Audits, Breaches, Deadlines
  • Attest to Policies, Procedures forms, store files

SIMBUS comes with over 25 compliance tools designed to keep your company safe and even more, protect your clients personal information.

Customizable Policies, Procedures, Forms and Tasks

  • Customize all content using WYSIWYG Editor
  • Print needed documents in Word or PDF Format
  • Assign employees specific policies and procedures
  • Attest to polices and procedures & record history

Secure your office and protect your clients the smarter way. Manage all 5 areas of Security and Privacy Compliance with less hassle. Avoid costly Audits, Breaches and free up valuable resources.

Security and Privacy Training with Tests and Certifications

  • Assign employees specific courses and tests
  • Set required pass/fail percentage for each course
  • Add your own training courses within the system
  • Print and review a full report of tests and completion


HIPAA Compliance Evaluations, Risk Assessments, Gap Analysis

  • HIPAA Compliance Risk Level Evaluation included
  • Get a full report with findings and recommendations
  • Full online Risk Assessment with Instant reports
  • Take multiple concurrent assessments at once

SIMBUS360 for the Health and Insurance Industries

Complete 3rd Party Vendor Management Software

  • Custom Dashboard built to manage all vendors
  • Add Vendors individually or upload up to 10,000
  • Manage all forms and agreements inside platform
  • Get HIPAA risk level scores from all vendors added
  • Full file repository to store important documents

Get SIMBUS360 Today

Expert Client Support Within SIMBUS Included

  • Internal messaging system inside for quick response
  • Complete Zendesk Support portal with Knowledge base
  • Available consulting time blocks for serious questions
  • Live Chat availability coming on higher level accounts

Join the hundreds and soon to be thousands who are on a path to compliance!

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